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The mental health foundation have chosen Body Image as the focus this mental health week 13-19th May. Body image , we all have our own perceptions of it some days it’s amazing and other days you feel like nothing fits , nothing looks good on you and your mind is playing tricks on you . As women it’s possibly one of the biggest challenges in  life, be Body confident and love the skin you are in. Personally , I think the MHF have made a great choice by choosing Body image . With the accessibility of social media , filters...

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From the minute the models came for their fittings we knew it was going to be a good one. We'd encouraged NABS to change the format and use real people involved in their industry charity to model our collections. Moo favours having fabulous women of all shapes and sizes to showcase our pieces for several different reasons and it never lets us down. The atmosphere was electric, the models were fantastic, the clothes were amazing (obviously) and the venue was stunning!! The charity raised a record amount for that event and we had an absolute BALL!  Photographs by Bernard at Ashton Photographic    ...

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Comfort zone -

Throughout all the recent shoots with Kaye she found quite a few outfits that were not her "usual style"- to be quite the opposite and was transformed into a new style that she would have never have ventured into previously. Kaye is here to share with you her top 10 NEW favourites that wouldn't have originally been her first choice but with Moo Crew styling they have now become her new firm favourites! Hey Moo gang, Kaye here again to share some curvy insights to stepping out of your normal style of clothes and venturing into the unknown... 1. Pencil...

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Meet our new Moo model Kaye, talking about body confidence.

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Casual style, comfy, paper bag trousers, soft fabric, tote bag, travel style -

What ya travelling in? All the Airport travel fashion at your finger tips...

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