Where do women shop?

Where do women shop?


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Soooo, I've been wondering why Moo has got such a fab following of women over a certain age!

I had a little look online for shops and websites for women over 40, and not very much came up. Now is that because fashion is losing its ageism?! I certainly hope so, or is it because there isn't much choice full stop.


Our womens range spans across a number of ages, and the fashion we offer can work for women aged 20 to 80 depending on your style.


We think it is important to dress your shape rather than your age, as you get older taste becomes defined and people can be who they want to be without worrying about what others may think.


Just thought I'd put this out there, if you are looking for style and you are a woman we think Moo is for you. 


Check out our website or come in and we will be happy to help.


Whatever your style make sure you rock it...


Love the Moo Crew