Airport Ready

Airport Ready

For millions of women all over the world, in order for a peaceful and happy living to reign supreme, there has been one age-old conundrum desperately needing to be solved…

What to wear to the airport?

Paper Bag Trousers

Will it be hot or cold? I mean it’s hot outside but the aircraft very often gets cold at high altitudes… My skinny jeans are a dead cert but make moving my legs about in any sort of seated position kind of impossible. And which bag? Do I take a large hand luggage then a small handbag? Or just one larger tote? What if my arm aches? What if I go wild in Duty Free and find - alas - there is no room in my bag…?

On and on the mind whirs.

Ladies - rest assured - you are not alone: these past many years the Moo Crew have all shared your airport-ready worries and concerns.

However, today we are absolutely ecstatic to reveal to you that our clever female minds need no longer be filled and tied up with such tedious troubles. For you today, we have the key, indeed, we have the secret, to Airport-Ready Style.

To begin, let’s just throw a few words into the airport-style-mixer:

Layers, Slouchy, Neutral, Sandals, Roomy, Comfy, Soft, Fresh.

Oversized Striped T-shirt dress

Above all ladies, keep it comfortable. You want to be able to breathe and eat the odd in-flight snack without your trews forming tattooed imprints on your soon to be sun-tanned belly. At the same time though, you want to feel pretty/sexy or both: so think a soft feminine frill, an elegant neckline, a non-invasive bangle or necklace to jazz up your neutral oh-so-comfy slouchy pants. The answer to the Great Question of the Bag: we’re toting a tote bag ladies. Whether it’s a lippy or a bottle of pink gin that we’re buying, let’s always remember the Girl Guide motto.

Finally we have for you the most expert of all airport-ready tips: be sure to stow a pair of cosy socks in your bag, so that when you remove your easy breezy slip on sandals from your fresh and recently pedicured feet, you can feel all at home (yes - even in Ryan Air Economy) and ready to nose-dive into your favourite gossip magazine for the flight duration.

Now if you fancy some irrelevant facts or maybe you are lucky enough to be heading to one of them, check out this list of the best airports in the world!

Broadarie Anglais Top

As always send us your thoughts, photos, airport ideas.


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