What's your party personality look?

Your style personality reflects your own personality, your lifestyle and most importantly what you wear that makes you feel good!  

We’re well and truly in the party season now, and as the invites come flooding in, we can feel stuck on what to wear. Having to make more of an effort for these special occasions can lead to us reaching for clothes that do not reflect our true selves – and leave us feeling pretty rubbish on the night.  

So, we have created 4 style party personalities that might resonate with you: Disco, Boho, Classic and Scandi. It might be that you fall into a couple of categories, but having this tailored edit will help you find the perfect party pieces that will make you look as good as you feel!


Let’s start with disco, the all-out party style! This eclectic style isn’t afraid to show off and have fun with fashion. Inspired by the 70’s, this dress code will have you shimmering under the disco light, so if you like the idea of head-to-toe sequins, flared trousers and billowy blouses this is the style for you. Shop the edit to embrace the Studio 54 look this party season.


Are you romantic and care-free? The boho style is for those who love to embrace whimsica lfloral prints and 70’s inspired paisley prints. The silhouettes are fluid and colours are subdued. For a Christmastake on this style, embellished piecesand luxurious velvets are a must.


The classic style might not be the flashiest outfit in the room but the timeless elegance of the look will forever be beautiful and chic. Opting for tailored cuts and symmetrical silhouettes, the look will softly shape the body with a smooth flow of gently draped fabrics. With matching accessories and delicate jewellery, this demure style will suit those who find beauty in the simple and refined fashion.


The scandi style is all about that effortless look. Contemporary and cool, the outfits will feature relaxed tailoring, trendy silhouettes and dressing for both comfort and style. Perfect this look by contrasting dressier pieces for something more casual; like a shimmering party top paired with blue wash straight leg denim jeans, or an oversized suit worn with a delicate kitten heel.