How to achieve the classic style

The classic style is a collection of wardrobe staples that will stand the test of time. The simple silhouttes and harmonious colour palette craetes a range of pieces that are easy to mix and match with one another. The traditional design of classic pieces tend to be more high quality and made from luxurious fabrics.

Choose a simple colour palette

A wardrobe that sticks to set colours like neutrals, tans, navy, whites will always sit within the classic style. This harmonious palette will create simple and elegant looks. You can add one other colour, like a red or emerald green that will still fit into this colour range.

Invest in timeless and tailored

The classic style is all about investing in high quality items that will last you a lifetime. It's a style that will never date, so spending a bit more on a better fabric, or a perfectly tailored fit will make it worthwhile.

Always go for traditional prints

When adding some interest to your wardrobe through patterns stick to more traditional prints like polka dots, Breton stripes and various check prints. This gives your clothes longevity and is not a throw-away trend that you will grown bored of.