Comfortable Confidence - Why we're ignoring the "new year new you" message. Choosing clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.

It’s the start of 2023 and with it will comeoverwhelming messaging of “new year, new me” but do we really want to be drastically changing our whole life? This year we’re ignoring this message and focusing on loving what we’ve already got. Feeling confident comes from within, but we also believe that wearing the right outfit will definitely help.

The art of dressing for comfort and confidence

To go into the new year feeling more confident you can start by choosing the right clothes. This can do wonders for your mood and how you feel about yourself every day, which in turn will put a positive spin in times like this when we need it most. We believe outfits that balance comfort and style will give you the motivation and empowerment for anything 2023 throws your way. 

Start by ignoring the labels on your clothes as these can vary from brand to brand, choose pieces that aren’t too tight or too loose as both can be detrimental to how your outfit looks and how you feel about yourself in those clothes. 

It’s time to take a more positive spin on how we look at ourselves, no more focusing on our “flaws”. Choose your outfitwith the aim to show off your best features. If you’re legs are the star of the show opt for a shorter dress to show them off, or if you want to draw attention to your eyes mirror this colour in your knitwear or t-shirts. 

The art to dressing casually but still looking like you’ve made an effort is to mix your casual pieces with something smarter. Style your joggers with a blazer or wear your midi skit with a sweatshirt. This is a failsafe combination for comfortable outfits that you will feel confident in.

Mirror your emotions in what you wear, if you are feeling relaxed and calm, opt for a looser fitting knitted jumper paired with straight leg denim jeans, finished with a pair of loafers. The perfect calm, cool and casual look. If you’ve woken up with lots of energy, match this with a brightly coloured patterned dress with lots of flow and movement.

Perfect the wardrobe staples

These are the pieces that work the hardest in your wardrobe, your core collection of basics are the foundations to any great outfit. Get these right and you will have so many styling options!

3 quick daily tricks for a more confident you

Theseare some daily habits to introduce that will increase your self-confidence, which can help you look and feel more attractive