5 styling hacks for the autumn winter

Here are some of our top tips for staying warm and looking stylish this season.

1. Layering your blazer

The blazer creates a stylish tailored look which is perfect for this season, but with the temperature dropping we feel as though we have to forgo these pieces for something that will actually keep us warm. Take the b.young Mirelle Short Cardigan or the Ichi Kamara Cardigan both are super soft, and will fit under a blazer like a knitted lining. Now you’ve got the warmth of the cardigan without ruining the aesthetic of the blazer.

2. Styling dresses for winter

To make your dresses more weather appropriate it’s all about the layering. You can layer a roll neck underneath your dress, or style a jumper over the top - using a belt, and tucking the jumper under to create a more balanced silhouette. Or when it’s really cold try doing both layering tips! Plus, this is a great way to keep all your dresses in rotation instead of saving them for summer!

3. Shorten your cardigan for a cropped style

So, this one is good for those with petite frames who struggle with cardigans looking long in the body, but also find that tucking into jeans and skirts is hard with the thicker material. A quick trick is to fasten the button into the alternative hole. This creates a “faux French tuck” to the front of the cardigan which helps to create a more balanced shape.

4. How to 'tuck' a chunky sweater

Now we all love a good tuck but as the knitwear gets chunkier it can be hard to fit the thicker material into the waistband of your trousers and skirts. For this trick you’re going to need two hair ties. Simply tie the hem on each side and tuck under. Now you’ve got a jumper that sits at the perfect length! (You can also achieve an asymmetrical tuck by just tying one side and tucking it under)

5. Oversized scarf styling

Love the oversized scarf but always find it’s falling off your shoulder? This is a super easy one to try that looks good and will stay in place all day. Simply knot the scarf and place it on your shoulder!