Stepping out of your comfort zone!

Comfort zone -

Stepping out of your comfort zone!

Throughout all the recent shoots with Kaye she found quite a few outfits that were not her "usual style"- to be quite the opposite and was transformed into a new style that she would have never have ventured into previously.

Kaye is here to share with you her top 10 NEW favourites that wouldn't have originally been her first choice but with Moo Crew styling they have now become her new firm favourites!

Hey Moo gang, Kaye here again to share some curvy insights to stepping out of your normal style of clothes and venturing into the unknown...

1. Pencil Dress

My first impression of this beautiful Hope & Ivy dress was - "Oooh it's a little prissy, kinda Mary Poppins style. A little bit too formal for me..."

Don't get me wrong I love a print but the high neckline and frill slightly put me off.  Due to my large chest, I would normally wear a v-neck to enhance my hour-glass figure.

Once I stepped into the dress and got it zipped up, my face was slightly discombobulated at the reaction from Jen & Tracy at how lovely it actually it looked on!

I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised at how flattering this dress really is.

2. Striped top

Horizontal stripes are a bit of a no-no due to my large boobs but the fit and style of this Silvian Heach long sleeved t-shirt is super cool especially when paired with wide-legged trousers which even out my shape, not making my top half look too wide.

3. Midi Dress

Figure hugging midi dress - I would have thought a fitted lace midi dress would show up all my lumps and bumps, maybe squashing & hiding my bust but this Silvian Heach Alcasser dress has a slight stretch in it plus a figure hugging (in all the right places) underslip to really hold you in place and flatter my hour glass curves.

This is beautiful for that up & coming party season and any time you need that LBD.

4. Cropped t-shirts

Cropped t-shirts! It took a few attempts to persuade me to wear this as I think they're quite clearly for teenagers & twenty-somethings who have mid-riffs as flat as an ironing board - how wrong was I?!?

This Amuse cropped tee is teamed with a high wasted leather-look skirt which hides all sins, if you're still feeling slightly conscious, you can always wear a vest underneath (especially now the weather is starting to change too - brrrr).

5. Puffer Coats

Oversized coats - I see people all the time in Winter wearing what I call a "walking sleeping bag coat". They look so warm and cozy, I would look like a sack of spuds in them!

With the amount of padding within them you don't have to wear many layers, so you can definitely escape that 'big' feeling.  Most of them do have ties within the belt too, so you can nip the coat in at the waist too.

6. High neck t-shirt

Slogan tee - Don't get me wrong, I love a slogan, but again it has to be on a v-neck t-shirt.  Teamed with a pleated skirt it looks completely different as to how I would normally wear this -  which would probably be with skinny jeans and a pair of trainers. 

Here's a pure magical day to night outfit :)

7. Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots - especially the boots that land on your thigh, kinda boots. I thought these were a no go because of the 2 following reasons:

1 - an age thing
2 - a thigh width thing

These boots fit incredibly well and make my legs look longer and slimmer once I stepped into them in my skinny jeans.

Pretty woman - eat your heart out :P

8. Polo neck jumpers

Polo necks - there's a repetitive theme here, big boobs!  It's something that I wouldn't really wear thinking that the high neck would look like my boobs would be near my knees but again teamed with wide legged bottoms, wearing a polo neck is very much possible.

Plus they feel sooooooooo soft, if you're still feeling a little conscious these would look ace underneath a pinafore.

9. Polo neck slouch dress

Again I looked at this and thought I would look frumpy but the way that the dress is slightly higher at the front, this dress also has a really wide slouchy neckline which is really flattering.

You can wear this with leggings or jeans underneath too and team it with a belt to define your waist. 

It feels super soft and snuggly too - perfect for those days when you want to try and hide your wobbly bits.

10. Rainbow Hoody

Rainbow hoody

Cropped rainbow hoody - the word crop doesn't sit well in my wardrobe as I like to usually hide my belly and bum a little.

What this gorgeous hoody does, is nip me in at the waist.  My hoodies are a lot longer but this will definitely be making more of an appearance as it accentuates my curves.

Go and try on! 

I think sometimes we put some lovely pieces of fashion to one side because of silly little things we say to ourselves in our own head - it's all about having a try on and visiting the lovely staff within Moo as they really really do know what they're talking about.

They help give you the confidence to be able to try on that something special - next time you're shopping place that out of the ordinary dress in your shopping basket, try it on and take a good look at how you can step out of your own comfort zone and jazz up your "normal" style into something quite fabulous.

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