So this weekend was all about London, attending one of the poshest Hen-Do's I have ever had the pleasure of, included afternoon tea in a swanky Kensington Hotel, brunch in a restaurant owned by Michelin Star Chef Tom Aikins a stop off at London Fashion weekend and all topped off with a private dining session at one of the best venues in London.

Also a few cheesy hen-do antics had to happen (its the law) but all in all a very classy, fun filled girly weekend. The only man she came home with was a tiny drinking buddy you pop on the edge of your glass which caused a stir with all the punters, I now carry a drinking buddy with me wherever I go, he's called Chad.

Afternoon Tea - Ampersand Hotel
Brunch - Toms Kitchen 
Private Dining (come club) - Paradise by Way of Kensal Green