Becoming a big sister.

So we all remember what its like to be a teenage girl?, changing bodys, boys, sex, friends, parents, drinking, drugs, raging hormones and it is this time that has been chosen as the perfect moment for us to decide exactly what we want to be for the rest of our lives. We choose our further education based on?!? .......  I still don't really know what I based my decisions on back then but  I at least managed to choose one subject that was inline with where I've actually ended up. 

I found my teenage years pretty challenging and all the mistakes and decisions I made during that time have had some impact on my life over the last 20 years, I have been on a journey of self discovery and have finally arrived at a point in my life where I can say I am truly happy with myself and everything that is in my life.

Yep I have ups and downs as we all do but in general I love my life and although there are still some missing pieces I am living my own dream and the people around me make it possible and provide the strength to enable me to do this,

ANYWAY enough babbling,.. I feel there are girls out there that, if they knew how fabulous they are, and understood this, they could begin their adult lives believing they needn't put themselves on a back burner for 20 years whilst they decide if they are good enough and could start carving out a fabulous fulfilled life from a much earlier age.

I wanted to help teenage girls realise that they are good enough NOW, and that if someone is telling you "You aren't" whether that be yourself, a boyfriend, friend or parent  you have the right to challenge that and if you are living by your own values and they come from a good place then you DON'T have to listen to others and constantly change who you are to fit in.

You can decide how fabulous you are by judging "you" against your own beliefs and that you have whatever it takes to be successful. However SUCCESS looks to you.

So this is what Girls Out Loud is all about. You can become a mentor "Big Sister" and a role model to teenagers and by going into schools and working one on one with these girls you will provide a sounding board, inspiration, motivation or just an ear to the next generation.

I've only done my first training session so have a further 3 sessions to attend before being assigned to my school and introduced to the girl I will mentor for the next 12 months.

I will keep you updated on my journey but if you want to check it out take a look at their website and even better if its something you think you would want to get involved in get in touch, the more the merrier..I actually think I'll probably get as much as if not more out of this experience than the "little sisters".

Bring it on..