With it being half term last week we thought we would have a "Dough it Yourself" night.

Ferne (my 5 year old) and I have always made pizza's using the hard bases which are ok but I much prefer a thin and crispy base. I'd heard about new company "Dough it yourself" and they just so happened to have a stall at our local producers market in Heaton Moor on Sunday.  We grabbed a pack and decided to give Sunday lunch a miss and opt for a lovely thin and crispy make your own pizza instead.

What a hit, in a pack you are given a choice of sauces either romana, bianca or vesuvio and two bases. We went with the romana, so easy, just add your own cheese and whatever toppings take your fancy.

Ferne and I had half each with smoked ham, sweet peppers  and a side of mozzorella salad, a rather large glass of white wine for me and Bobs your uncle.

Check them out online, great value and fab for a tea time treat when you've got a houseful.