Well I've been to University this week. For the last two years I have had the pleasure of lecturing fashion students at MMU and this year I was asked to present Moo's journey,, (Highs and Lows) to the final year students as they delve into their final business project.

Myself and 4 other business owners presented our journey through life in the hope to give the students an insight into the crazy world of business. It was fab to meet the other presenters and brilliant to realise I am not alone in the challenges and excitement of business. The underlying message through all of our speeches was POWER of POSITIVE THINKING.
I try live my life always seeing the positive in every situation, sometimes its hard but in general if you take lessons from everything that happens the idea is that you will always be moving forward and adapting to ensure your life is the best it possibly can be.

I went back again to do a lecture this week and I shall be there again in November... I really enjoy it and you never know where things may lead. POSITIVE THINKING.