Fashion Show Tastic.
We had a record week last week at Moo and we managed to pull off two fashion shows one after the other. Needless to say we were pretty shattered but it was fab and we managed to help 2 local schools raise money for their PTA funds and obviously to show off our lovely clothes on their parents and teachers.

This has become standard for us every season now and the fact that we use real women for our show makes it more engaging for our audience. Wine is always involved, fun is had and the models are absolutely amazing. We dress and style them to ensure they look amazing when they walk down that catwalk and when they've done it once they want to do it again. 
Mini Moo Ballet Rehearsal

Last week my little one was practicing for her ballet performance at South Manchester Dance Academy for their upcoming show on Sunday. The mums and I had a pleasant, if not a little stressful few hours helping out backstage with lots of children and different costumes. 

Fashion shows are a walk in the park compared to trying to get these little cuties in the right place at the right time.

If you are hunting for a dramatic outlet for your child I highly recommend SMAD, take a peak at their website beloww.