People always tell us they don't know  how to put things together, whether its struggling with an item you've just bought or you want to resurrect an old faithful from your wardrobe, there are many ways you can do it.

Whenever I'm doing someones wardrobe people are always stunned at how I can use one piece but create multiple different looks. I don't pigeon hole items as day, evening, occasion I am able to build outfits using lots of different pieces which means you get a wardrobe that works 100% harder than it did before.

So we thought we would bring some of this magic into our newsletter, each week we will show you how to wear something in a totally different way. Our first piece is this gorgeous tux jacket, looks super stylish with black pants to create very on trend evening look however we wanted to show you how to wear this jacket in the day.

..Look out for next weeks.. 

Point to note- if you have anything you would like us to style for you drop us an email and we can add it in to this.

Doing someones wardrobe consists of someone hiring me to go round to their house and revive what they already have and breathe new life into their already bought collection, this service is my favourite of all I offer purely because we are working with your existing clothes and people are ecstatic when I create on average 70 new outfits without them having to hit the shops.

If you are interested in this service email