We had one channel 4 film crew, one lovely lady and her hubby into Moo to film for a brand new documentary exposing the secrets of shopping habits.

We got a call the week before asking if we could play host to the shopper and help her choose a new outfit for a big night out, apparently she'd been given a choice of boutiques in the Manchester area and we were the final decision.


So, happy to help (as always) we welcomed our mystery shopper and camera laden film crew into our little shop to see what we could do. I was asked if I could do what I normally do, "be as natural as normal" (easier said than done) and help Moo's first filmed customer find her perfect outfit.


After I'd got over the initial awkwardness and stopped behaving like a personal shopping robot we had a fab time. I set about asking all the normal questions and working out the best styles to suit body shape and budget we decided on a few things and tried everything on (camera's were in our changing rooms!!). We laughed a lot and found the perfect outfit the film crew were really happy and got everything they wanted.



That wasn't the end of it, I got a phone call a week later asking if I would go down to London to do some extra filming for the documentary.. obviously being the shy and retiring type I jumped at the chance. I got whisked down to the big smoke, driven to a studio and given a seat in-front of a rather larger camera. Slightly worried about how I was going to appear natural whilst answering questions talking into a huge lense I was relieved to see that Zoe (producer) even though she would be sitting behind a screen the camera had a mirror on it so I could see her face., clever stuff.


The programme will be aired in the Autumn so as soon as I hear of the date I will let you know.