How to Survive a Festival: A Moo Bou Guide for the Modern Woman

Ah, festivals! With Glastonbury upon us I thought we could give you a few tips to get you through. The ultimate test of human endurance, survival skills, and how well you can rock a pair of wellies with a cocktail dress. Whether you're a seasoned festival-goer or a newbie, here’s a Moo Bou guide to surviving – and thriving – at your next festival.

Fun Fact!

Glastonbury - how many people? - 200,000

1. The Art of Packing Light (or Not)

You’ve seen those Pinterest boards about packing light for festivals, right? Forget them. You’ll need your wellies, a stylish raincoat, at least three pairs of sunglasses (because you’ll lose two), and enough Moo Bou outfits to turn heads every day. Just remember, your tent isn't a TARDIS.

Pro Tip: Pack each outfit into a separate plastic bag with accessories so you don't have to rummage in your rucksack each day when you might be feeling a tad fragile.

2. Festival Fashion: The Balance Between Practical and Fabulous

Sure, practicality is important, but this is a festival – it’s your time to shine! Embrace the glitter, sequins, and bold prints. Layer up with a Moo Bou kimono for the chillier evenings and take layers. a pair of pvc leggings will always be a good idea if it rains, and you can pack a light pair of legging for when it gets chilly in the evening. I regularly tie my sequin jacket round my waist, carry two lightweight layers to add on a the evening goes on and top up with leggings.

Pro Tip: Bumbags (fanny packs for our American friends) are back in. Perfect for keeping your hands free and your essentials safe, plus they add a certain je ne sais quoi to your outfit.

3. The Wellie Dance

Festival fields and mud are a match made in heaven, and no one is immune. Perfect the "wellie dance" – a delicate manoeuvre that involves extracting your boot from the mud without losing your balance or your dignity. Practise in your garden beforehand to avoid embarrassing tumbles.

Pro Tip: Attach a small, stylish hand mirror to your bag. That way, you can check for any mud splatters and ensure your festival face stays on point.

4. Navigating the Loos

Ah, the festival loos. Notorious, yet unavoidable. The trick here is to go early and go often. Avoid the peak times and bring your own toilet paper – always take hand sanitizer incase they've run out, and always check all the toilets don't rely on the person in front of you knowing which ones have been evacuated.

Pro Tip: A red lipstain and a pair of Moo Bou sunglasses will keep you feeling fresh and fabulous, even if the facilities are not.

5. Staying Hydrated (and Other Essentials)

While it might be tempting to survive solely on a diet of cider and chips, your body will thank you for staying hydrated. Bring a refillable water bottle and snack on some healthy goodies between the inevitable festival feasts.

Pro Tip: A small, stylish flask can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s filled with water, coffee, or something stronger, it’s a festival must-have.

6. Finding Your Friends (and Your Tent)

The festival grounds are vast, and your sense of direction might be a little skewed after a few drinks. Make a meeting point with your friends that is easily identifiable, use two marking points if you are in the crowd ie the chip van on the left and the veggie van on the other axis always decorate your glamping tent with something unique – a Moo Bou scarf tied to the top pole works wonders.

Pro Tip: Write your mates phone numbers on your arm (with a marker, not a biro) in case you lose your phone or your memory gets a little hazy.

7. Embrace the Experience

Festivals are about more than just music; they’re about creating memories. Dance like no one’s watching, sing like you’re headlining, and laugh until your cheeks hurt. You’re there to have fun, so let go of the small stuff and embrace the chaos.

Pro Tip: Talk to everyone you are all on the same wave length, festival friends are fabulous.

8. Self-Care is Queen

Festivals can be exhausting, so take some time to relax and recharge. A sound bath and a bit of meditation can work wonders. Find a quiet spot, breathe deeply, and take in the atmosphere.

Pro Tip: A portable phone charger is your best friend. Not only will it keep your phone alive for those all-important selfies, but it can also power your mini fan, ensuring you stay cool and collected.

Final Thoughts

Surviving a festival is an art, and with these tips, you’ll not only survive but thrive. So, pack your Moo Bou essentials, gather your friends, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure. Remember, the key to a great festival experience is a mix of preparation, fabulous outfits, and a sense of humour. See you in the fields! It's a marathon not a sprint.

Stay stylish, stay safe, and most importantly, stay fabulous.

The Moo Bou Team