About Moo

Women's Designer Fashion, Unique & Vintage Clothing

Moo Boutique was born on 29th March 2008, nestling in the pretty suburb of Heaton Moor Moo was about to give the women of the area something that little bit different!

Moo has a huge amount of variation within its four walls but has always maintains that certain something that makes it easy to spot a Moo buy. We buy the clothes you want but we buy it differently, we set and follow trends and are guaranteed to have something in our collection that won't hit the high street till the following year. We have a very high standard when buying and feel just because something is in every magazine doesn't mean we can find it in the quality or at the right price for our customers.

Moo's ethos is to be as ethical as possible in everything it does, we used a distinctive recipe whilst sourcing clothes, and this has lead to Moo Boutique having a unique mix of highly desirable, wearable pieces for women of all ages and sizes.  There is more than one way to be ethical and Moo Boutique has focused on each element to ensure it stays ahead of the game when sourcing gorgeous pieces for its dedicated customers. Customer service is the most important element of Moo Boutiques we offer style advice (when requested) and try to ensure that every woman walking into our Boutique finds the perfect outfit and that they feel welcome and happy to browse.